Hi, I'm a Master of Mathematics student with the Algorithms & Complexity Group at the University of Waterloo. I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Jeffrey Shallit. My research interests include algorithmic number theory, combinatorics and graph theory.

Previously I spent a wonderful couple of years at Microsoft in the Azure Compute ecosystem, working majorly on cloud services involving migration and replication of virtual & physical machines and datacenters. Before that I was a computer science major at IIT Jodhpur where I worked with Prof. Venkata Ramana Badarla on network and compute allocation in datacenters.

During my years as an undergrad, I've been an avid sports programmer and participated in several competitions including ACM-ICPC, Code Jam, HackerCup, and contests on CodeForces, CodeChef and HackerRank. I've also played CTF style hacking contests including InCTF, Google CTF, Facebook CTF and others.